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Our Agency

A word from our Founder

Carine :


The creation of HOME & APPARTEMENT was driven by my passion for architecture, interior design and by a simple fact: finding a property in Paris requires a level of reactivity and availability that very few of us have.

Very often buying a property is an important personal project. As real estate professionals, we provide our clients not only with a perfect knowledge of the market, but also with unrivalled facilities in their search. Our clients no longer have to devote long hours on the internet or going through the local press to make their selection of ads. They are even spared from handling calls to agencies and going on unnecessary visits.

As an independent agency, we do not take any sales or rental mandate, our only objective is to assist and best advise our clients. We are above all a service company. For us the human contact and the interaction with clients is more important than the business relationship. Our priority is to get to know our clients as well as possible, in order to respect their wishes as much as possible.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a studio or a specific hotel, you need the same energy and seriousness for each one of those tasks. We consider our mission to be fulfilled only when our clients are completely satisfied. Regardless of whether this search lasts a week or six months, our dedication remains the same.



Our Talents


Noëlia : 

Noëlia graduated from f the Institut Français de Presse and was the last to join the HOME & APPARTEMENT team, but she is definitely not the least qualified. She always dreamed of returning to her first love: Real Estate. In addition to her smile, her listening skills and availability, her greatest strength is that she has lived in almost every Parisian District (2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th.)

She also handles the overseas operations of HOME & APPARTEMENT for Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic clients. Please welcome Nono :)





Peggy :

Peggy graduated from an art school in Paris and has an eye for aesthetics. She began her career in a large communications agency. A few years later… Peggy felt the need for change! This is when a friend of hers told her about a job known as: a property hunter, which immediately got her head over heels. She has lived in the west side of Paris for more than ten years, so it is quite naturally that she decides to handle this segment of the market, that she knows perfectly well.





Magali :

Magali has been a painter for 25 years and became a gallery owner just a few years ago. She is also passionate about interior design. Her passion has led her to move around regularly in order to fulfil her cravings for renovation. It is especially by settling in London or Boston, that she discovers the English service … considered to be one of the best in the world. After returning to France, she naturally felt the urge to pursue a professional career in real estate research … a service that was barely blooming in France and which allowed her to blend in her innate taste for decoration. Magali knows Paris like the back of her hand along with its share of private alleys and hidden secret streets. Magali lives in the 15th administrative district and handles your research in the Southern side of Paris.